High-speed 4G LTE Pocket WiFi Rental in Singapore

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Business Wifi - Overseas Wifi router package for frequent business travelers

If you travel frequently for business and need to travel at short notice period, renting and returning wifi router for each trip will be quite incovenient. We introduce Business Wifi package where you can keep the Overseas Wifi router with you (without hassle of collecting and returning the router for each trip) and be ready always to stay connected for your trip.

Business WiFi for your frequent Business trips:

  • Convenience – no need to collect & return WiFi router for each trip
  • Connected anytime – always ready to stay connected anytime you travel
  • Cost saving – pay only for what you use
    [Countries coverage listed under Overseas Wifi worldwide region]

If you or your colleagues travel 10 days or more per month, and would like to request Business Wifi package for your company, please click here.