1. How do I connect my devices to Traveler Wifi pocket WiFi?
    The steps are simple as follow:
    • Switch ON the device, press the Power Button for 5 seconds and release it.
    • Look for the SSID to connect as indicated at the back of Pocket WiFi.
    • Key in the password (case sensitive) as indicated at the back of Pocket WiFi.
  2. How do I switch off the device?
    Press the Power Button for 5 seconds and release it, and device will be switched off.
  3. How many devices can I connect?
    You can connect up to 5 devices.
  4. How long will the battery last?
    The battery will last on average 12 hours for Singapore WiFi Router and up to 15 hours for Overseas WiFi router
  5. How fast is the Internet connection through the device?
    For Singapore WiFi Router the device is based on 4G LTE fast Internet connection. The typical download speed range is 8 Mbps to 35 Mbps.
    For Overseas WiFi Router, the device will switch between 3G/4G depending on the overseas Mobile Network connections.
  6. Can I use Internet applications like Facebook, Twitter, Internet Sufing, Email, Skype when I am connected via the device? 
    Yes, you can use those applications once you are connected to Internet via the device. For overseas wifi used in China, some websites may be blocked.
  7. Is there any data usage limit?
    The data usage is unlimited, but there is fair use policy. If the daily usage exceeds fair use limit (3G for Singapore Wifi / 500 MB for Overseas Wifi), the speed will slow down but can still connect and use. Data usage count is reset on daily basis.
  8. Can I use Overseas WiFi router in Singapore?
    No, the device is only for overseas countries. For Singapore use, you need to rent Singapore WiFi router.
  9. How do I rent the device?
    You can rent and pick-up the device at our Service Counters. Payment can be done via Credit Card or Cash. You can also book online at www.traveler-wifi.com
    To rent Singapore WiFi router, please bring along your Identity Document such as Passport or Driving License or National Identity Card. (Identity Document is not required for renting Overseas WiFi router)
  10. How do I return the device?
    You can return the device at our Service Counters or through Courier collection service – $30 courier service is chargeable for two-way delivery/collection service to/from your hotel in Mainland Singapore (additional surcharges for hotel location in Sentosa island).
  11. What is the rental price?
    Rental price is currently at promotional price of $10 per day for Singapore WiFi.
    For Overseas Wifi router: $12 for Worldwide countries region.
    There is credit card authorization consent or refundable cash deposit of $180 for Singapore Wifi / $200 for Overseas Wifi router for lost or damaged device.
  12. How is rental period calculated?
    Rental period is calculated on the calendar day basis. A day is counted as a whole day regardless of hour/time of Loan or Return during the day; there is no pro-rated fractional day.
  13. Can I loan the device in one Service Counter (example Lavender) and return in another Service Counter (example Orchard)?
    If the payment is made through Credit Card, the device can be returned at any Service Counter. If the payment is through Cash payment, the device must be returned at the same Service Counter it is loaned; to collect back the Cash deposit.
  14. What happens if device is lost or damaged?
    There are charges applied for device or items lost or damaged as follow:
    • Lost or damaged device : SGD 180 for Singapore Wifi / SGD 200 for Overseas Wifi
    • Lost or damaged charger (USB cable/adapter): SGD 30
    • Lost or damage of device pouch: SGD 30
  15. Is there any Refund for device returned earlier?
    There is no Refund as the device is already reserved for use until the return date.
  16. Is there any Refund if device is booked online and canceled subsequently?
    No, there is no Refund as the device is already booked and reserved for rental.
  17. How do I extend the rent?
    You can submit request for rental extension.
  18. What happens if I do not extend my rental and do not return the device after the due date?
    The device will be deactivated and considered lost. Lost device charge of S$180 for Singapore Wifi / S$200 for Overseas Wifi will be applied through credit card authorization consent or forfeited cash deposit.
  19. Can i expect full network coverage in overseas countries?
    The overseas network coverage depends on the in-country network coverage by the Overseas Mobile Network Providers. Some of the remote, mountainous, coastal or highway area in overseas countries may not have network coverage.
  20. What happens if i need to contact for service support while in overseas?
    You can contact us through our service support Online Contact form at our website and we will revert to you as soon as possible.