MiFi Singapore


In this technological world we are addicted to internet and it has become a necessity of one’s life as we use it for communication for social networking for navigating and many other things. In short our life is half dependent on internet.  Having access to internet in our home city is not an issue  but whenever we plan to travel overseas the first thing to come in our mind is how we will be connected to people as turning the international roaming will gift you a huge bill.

If you are travelling to Singapore and still you want to stay connected to internet, it can be possible through Mifi in Singapore. Mifi works like hotspot to your mobile and the best thing is that it fits easily in your pocket and wherever you go you have an internet connection. You can easily browse through nearby restaurant when you are hungry or navigate to tourist attractions or you can even use to E-mail services to mail any urgent files to your work no matter whether you are traveling in MRT, or you are at any garden or in a mall. With Mifi Singapore you can enjoy your trip in Singapore by staying connected to your friend and families through Skype, Viber, and Line etc

What is Mifi device?

Mifi is similar to Wi-Fi providing internet connectivity but Wi-Fi provides internet connectivity to wireless devices through fixed Wi-Fi hotspots whereas Mifi router acts as a portable hotspot providing you internet connectivity even when devices are on move.

We at Traveler Wi-Fi give Mifi on rent to the travelers so that they do not face any inconvenience due to lack of internet connectivity. Now you do not need to buy SIM cards for getting internet connectivity as our Mifi device connects to any device and you can access your data. So now update your status on Facebook or quickly respond to your friend’s messages online or catch up with your work while travelling as you have portable internet hotspot with you called Mifi.

Benefits of Mifi

  • You can connect up to multiple devices at the same time
  • You do not require any cables to connect
  • It has a long battery life of approximately 8 to 10 hours

You can rent our Mifi device from our service centers or online and get the flexibility of internet connection on your mobile anywhere in Singapore.