Pocket WiFi Device

Pocket WiFi device functions as pocket WiFi router or pocket WiFi hotspot to provide WiFi connectivity on the go.

Traveler WiFi device is a pocket WiFi device which has been carefully considered for Travelers’ needs for ease of use (device is small and can be easily snugged in the pocket) and easily connected anytime, anywhere (no searching for Internet kiosks or WiFI hotspots).

Traveler WiFi pocket WiFi device is based on 4G/LTE technology. It is a Pocket WiFi LTE and Tourists can stay connected Anywhere Anytime in Singapore with High Speed Internet and unlimited data.

Traveler WiFi pocket device is nicely packed in a traveler size pouch and it comes with battery charger. Traveler WiFi pocket WiFi device can support up to 12 hours normal use. It can connect up to 10 devices, any WiFi supported device (Mobile Phone, Tablets, Notebooks, Games Consoles) through WiFi connectivity