Portable WiFi Singapore

In this world of advanced technology, it is impossible to even think without the availability of Internet. And the most convenient form of Internet services is obtained from none other than the WiFi. This is a technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a wireless LAN network which may be password protected or open. WiFi is a great way to get Internet access to all the electronic devices including mobile present in the specified area. But the interesting thing is that now-a-days, WiFi can be accessed even when you are travelling and it does not need any defined area for that. This is done by the concept of ‘Portable WiFi’.

A portable WiFi is something which has a small sized WiFi router with hotspot capability. This device needs to be connected to a source of the Internet so as to enable WiFi access for multiple devices. A widely used way of such systems is the mobile hotspot. When you have an Internet data active on your mobile, all you need to do is to just enable the ‘hotspot’ option and your mobile will start working as the WiFi router. You will be able to connect as many devices as you want from that. 

However, while using your portable WiFi, make sure that you check the following points:-

  1. Password protected-make sure that your WiFi hotspot is password protected and locked. If the WiFi hotspot is unlocked when you are carrying it around, numerous devices may get connected to it thus consuming your data at an extremely fast pace.
  2. Fast data- To have the maximum speed of your WiFi, go for latest and highest speed versions of data plans like 4G.
  3. Proper number of connected devices-You must take care of the number of devices connected to the portable WiFi at a time. It should be at the maximum of 5 and not more if you want to make a high speed and sustained use of your data.

Proper service provider- not all service providers provide services everywhere. Hence, take the service provider data that has the service at the place where you are travelling.