Prepaid Data Plan Singapore

One of the option to get Internet connectivity in Singapore for Singapore Tourists is to purchase Prepaid Data Plan SIM Card. There are 3 Mobile Operators in Singapore: M1, SingTel and StarHub.

Prepaid Data Plan from the 3 Operators will have fixed amount of Data Quota for example 1 GB or 2 GB. There will also be a fixed validity period such as 3 days or 5 days. The Prepaid Data SIM will not be useable once it has passed the validity period or has reach the limit of data quota.


There are a number of limitations of Prepaid Data SIM:

  1. Tourists need to swap out their existing SIM (unless it is a dual-SIM phone), and will not be contactable via calls to their existing SIM card number.
  2. Tourists need to activate the SIM cards and to set the Network setting configuration (such as the APN name)
  3. Tourists need to ensure the SIM card size supported can fit into their Mobile Phone SIM card slot. There are 3 SIM card sizes : normal size, micro size and nano size SIM
  4. Tourists cannot easily share out the Internet connectivity to other devices (family and friends). It is possible to share out by setting the Mobile Hotspot (supported in some phones), but the phone battery will drain out quickly and there is also limitation of the Data Limit Quota.

There is a better alternative option available now!

Singapore Tourists can rent Traveler WiFi device which provides fast Internet island-wide coverage, and connect up to 5 devices. It is simple to use and no swapping of SIM Card. Singapore Tourists just simply connect to the WiFi from the Traveler WiFi device; it is unlimited data and can enjoy free unlimited calls via Skype, Line, Viber or Talk apps.