Singapore Tourist Map

There are a couple of Singapore Tourist Map available in Singapore. One of the important thing to note for choosing the Singapore Tourist Map is the accuracy and authority of the map and hence the endorsement of the Map by the Hotel Concierges when Hotel Guests approach the Concierge Desk for assistance.

The Concierge Map is a quality publication that is handy, portable and informative for all visitors to Singapore. It is published in 3 languages (English, Chinese and Japanese) and is the priority tool for concierges to use and hand out when they are servicing theirs guests. The high quality of the publication complements the high quality of the services provided by these concierges.

The primary source of the maps featured were from the map data provided by the Singapore Land Authority. This ensures the highest accuracy and reliability that concierges and their guests can trust. The Concierge Map is endorsed and supported by the Association of Rooms Division Executives and Les Clefs d’Or Singapore.

To further enhance its service quality and extend it’s reach beyond the print medium , The Concierge Map has entered into a strategic partnership with Traveler Wifi to offer high-speed portable wifi devices to visitors. These devices be made available at hotels for rental to their guests.