Singapore WiFi – WiFi in Singapore


If you are planning to visit Singapore soon may it be for business or leisure, whether you are visiting for the first-time or a frequent visitor, it is obvious that you want to stay connected with your family, friends and outside world while you are away. When you are in Singapore you will find an easy access to WiFi on your mobile or tablet. 

People uses internet for each and every thing may it be for booking their tickets, or getting any contact details, or finding any restaurant or any other places. So it can be said that without Internet we feel handicapped.

With the rising technology, Internet has gained utmost importance in life of the people. Even many of the business communications and meetings are done on video call and so when you are travelling is very important for you to stay connected to your corporate as well as personal world.

So hotels and hostels in Singapore make sure that they have offer free WiFi facility to their customers. No matter which hotel you take may it be expensive or low budget you are sure to find the WiFi facility which will make your travel experience pleasurable.

So as soon as you book a stay in hotel you can get full access to internet data and you can enjoy your stay with free internet connectivity and can make unlimited calls to your friends and family via Skype, Line, Viber and other Talk Apps.

But if you flexibility of Internet connection on your phone wherever and whenever you want then the best option is renting a portable WiFi device and that will provide you with data access on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Free public Wi-Fi is also available at some public areas in Singapore for travelers. Some of the options:

  • Wireless@SG- it is a free public WiFi available in some locations in Singapore like malls, museums, local libraries and community centers
  • Changi Airport: get connected to #WiFi@changi for free in the transit area of Changi Airport
  • Shopping Malls: some of the malls, cafes and restaurants in Singapore offer free WiFi services and you can get connected hassle free

So while visiting Singapore, you will have varied places where you can get free WiFi and can access data from your mobile phones, notepads, tablets or laptops. Singapore looks forward to make your journey pleasant by providing easily accessible WiFi service.