Terms & Conditions

Charges and Deposit

  1. Daily service rental is charged on full day basis
  2. Daily service rental is charged fully (no pro-rated) even if the device is returned before the due date.
  3. Credit card authorization is required as a security deposit for device rental; there will be no charge on credit card on rental period. Alternatively, S$180 (for Singapore WiFi) / S$200 (for Overseas WiFi) refundable cash deposit is acceptable, and cash deposit will be refunded when the device package is returned undamaged and in good working order.
    • Lost Package, or lost/damaged Pocket WiFi router: S$180 (for Singapore WiFi) / S$200 (for Overseas WiFi)
    • Lost/damaged Charger (USB cable or adapter), and Carrier Pouch: S$30
  1. Charges deducted from the authorized credit card, or cash security deposit when package is lost, or device (or its accessories) is lost or damaged.
  1. If the device is not returned on the due date, the full security deposit will be forfeited. An email reminder to return the device package will be sent to customer 1 day prior to the due date.

Proper use of device

  1. Customer is responsible for the use of the device or accessing Internet through the device. Customer shall not use the device to access Internet to conduct illegal activities violating Singapore laws.
  2. Customer may share device WiFi and Internet connection with family and friends but will be overall responsible for the device use.
  3. Traveler Wifi Pte Ltd has the right to deactivate the device if it has any reason to believe that the device has been improperly used or use for any illegal activities.
  4. If the device is stolen or lost, customer shall notify Traveler Wifi Pte Ltd immediately.
  5. Traveler Wifi Pte Ltd is not responsible for any loss due to unavailability or interruption in accessing Internet services from the device. Although it is uncommon, customer shall accept the possibility of service interruption or unavailability due to Mobile Network issues that can affect Device Internet access.
  6. Customer service staff will test / demonstrate the workability of device prior to issuing out to customer. Customer shall inform Traveler Wifi Pte Ltd immediately if the device is faulty to receive a replacement device.
  1. Customer shall take proper care of the device and shall not :
  • temper or remove any parts of the device
  • sublet the device to other third-party

Fair Data Usage

  1. Customer is required to exercise fair data usage and not to abuse in excessive data usage consumption.
    The data usage is unlimited, but there is fair use policy. If the daily usage exceeds fair use limit (3G for Singapore Wifi / 500 MB for Overseas Wifi), the speed will slow down but can still connect and use. Data usage count is reset on daily basis.

A table below provides estimated guide to Applications data consumption:

Device delivery and collection service

  1. If customer opts for Delivery and Collection service, the device will be deposited at the hotel concierge with the acknowledgment receipt that the device has been deposited for Customer collection. Customer shall then be responsible to collect the device and to accept that the device has been properly delivered in good working condition.
  2. For return device collection, customer shall deposit the device at the designated hotel concierge and be responsible for the device until the device is collected in good working order by Traveler Wifi Pte Ltd.


  1. There is no refund (in-full / pro-rated) for device(s) ordered, loaned out, or early return.
  2. There is no refund for submitted confirmed order and requested to be canceled.